The Foundation for Higher Learning is an International Spiritual School for the Soul with well-established centres in Europe, North America and Australasia. 
The aim of the School is the Spiritual upliftment of the individual in order to materialise the Plan for our Humanity on this Earth.

In this School the individual is responsible for their own development. You are responsible for studying the Teaching and then applying it in life, in your present circumstances. The School is not about leaving the world or ‘renouncing’ the world. It is about living in the world but not being of the world, not being worldly.

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The Foundation for Higher Learning is for mature Spiritual Seekers who are self-responsible, who recognise the Vision or Goal and are able to work seriously towards it. When you join this School, you do so with freedom, as an inner choice, because intuitively you feel that it is right for you, that it is the right Message. It is your Soul that has guided you to this School.

This site gives you an overview of the worldwide School and access to the extensive body of written and spoken teaching of Imre Vallyon, the founder of the Foundation for Higher Learning.

The Way of the Heart is the discovery of Being

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