The Foundation for Higher Learning (FHL) is a worldwide Spiritual School that offers a Path for the spiritual seeker in our modern twenty-first century society, a Path that is integrated with family life, a career and other responsibilities in the world today.

“Our mission in the world is to teach the Spiritual Principles, the Divine Laws of Life, to Mankind. Herein lies our group purpose. We must help to show the Way as it is emerging in this coming New Age – not how it was in the past, but what is required Now. This School is here to help disseminate this new Teaching, this new way of understanding the Eternal Truth about God, Man and the Universe, to those Souls on this planet who are ready for the Spiritual Journey.”   Imre Vallyon

The FHL Spiritual School operates within a threefold teaching system:

  1. The Preparatory School, the Exoteric or Outer School is where the meaning of life is taught to beginners. It is for people looking at spirituality for the first time and for the seekers on the path.
  2. The Esoteric School is the main body of the School System for the dedicated, active and contributing members. It is for those people who have chosen the Path, who have recognised their Soul’s calling. True Esoteric Knowledge is a Path of Light. This Knowledge transforms the lives of the group members and aligns the personality with the Soul.
  3. The Mesoteric School or the Inner School is an advanced, multi-dimensional Knowledge Field and Discipline. This is powerful Soul Level work using the Light of Knowledge.

To walk this Spiritual Path one does not need to withdraw from life. On the contrary, attaining Soul Consciousness in the midst of the turmoil of life is a superior path, for it is cognisant of the many challenges through which the spiritual aspirant can attain Mastership. One of the major goals of our School is the attainment of Group Consciousness. When working in a group situation, meditating and chanting, the combined energy that is generated leads to the possibility of greater spiritual expansion within each individual. A strong spiritual focus is another major goal. The individual unfolds in a relaxed atmosphere where there is respect and space for how he or she walks the Path. Rather than many outer rules, self-discipline and commitment arise from freedom within the individual.

Through the step-by-step process of classes, courses, workshops and retreats, knowledge and meditation practices become available and one gains access to a considerable amount of Universal Wisdom as was taught by the Masters and Teachers throughout the ages. Our Spiritual School focuses on spiritual practices that align thoughts, feelings and actions, so that the nature of the Soul can be experienced. It aims to harmonise the personality in such a way that the Light of the Soul can reveal itself and brings Love, Wisdom and Power into our existence. In this way our life is guided by our Soul. This is what all Spiritual Schools in the past, present and future have aimed for and continue to aim for. Once we have come to this stage of Self-Realisation, we can then expand consciousness even further towards Cosmic Consciousness, or the full expression of Divinity as a human being. Inner Happiness is then a State of Being, not dependent upon outer circumstances. Divine Life and Human Life have become One.


“The aim of spiritual development is to integrate or synthesise the human being so that he or she will become physical, imaginative, mental, intuitive and spiritual all at the same time.”

Imre Vallyon   Hierophant • Brush (grey)