Q. In the Foundation for Higher Learning (FHL), do I have to believe in any sort of specific truth?
A. FHL is a spiritual school, which means people are given the knowledge and tools to experience truth for themselves as they gain higher consciousness. The work is based on direct, inner spiritual experience rather than belief imposed from outside.

Q. Are there any requirements for joining FHL as a member?
A. Anyone can join. Genuine Spiritual seekers of any age, race, gender, creed or no creed at all are welcome. FHL is for those who seek genuine spiritual knowledge and meditation in their lives.

Q. Is FHL related to any religious or political group?
A. No. FHL is non-political and unaffiliated with any particular religion. FHL embraces all religious traditions, with no bias towards any, and goes beyond them to point to the underlying unity, the One Truth, the One Reality. Our teachings are universal truths about the Divine Reality in the Cosmos and in human beings.

Q. Do I have to be a vegetarian to join FHL?
A. No. Enlightenment is not a matter of what we eat, wear, or other habits. It is about inner spiritual transformation and consciousness. People on drugs or with psychological disorders are not accepted in retreats in case they cannot handle the strong transformative energies. Food is mostly vegetarian during retreats.

Q.  How do I become a member and is there a fee? 
A. Membership criteria varies between countries. Some countries offer associate membership for people wishing to receive information about the FHL School. To become a full member the person must be attending an FHL centre and participating in group meditational activities on a regular basis.

Q. What is the benefit of being a member?
A. You become connected with general group communications. In relation to the vast field of Imre Vallyon’s recorded sessions, you will receive written summaries of the recordings from retreats. You may rent or buy CDs and DVDs of Imre Vallyon’s teaching and meditation sessions.

Q. How can I join a local centre? 
A. Go to the Contact page and send us a general inquiry or send an email to a specific country. If you are far away from a Centre, start by reading some of Imre’s books, and chant with our CDs. Visit the Sounding-Light Publishing Store and our Wisdom Talks programme for additional material.

Q. How can I participate in a retreat? 
A. First, contact the nearest centre. Before joining a retreat you will first have to attend some Exoteric introductory classes, courses or workshops. Many centres offer regular, open chanting sessions and introductory sessions. After spending time in the Exoteric School you will be invited to join the Esoteric classes and workshops. As the pupil becomes more in tune and dedicated they will become eligible to attend retreats.