The Foundation for Higher Learning (FHL) School System functions through a systematic process of classes, courses and workshops: Exoteric for newer interested people and Esoteric for dedicated aspirants. These classes, courses and workshops are conducted by FHL teachers in towns, cities and FHL Centres in various countries around the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Hungary. For more information about events in your locality, click on one of the country programmes listed below:

New Zealand Programme
Australian Programme
Canadian Programme
Aktivitäten in Deutschland (auf Deutsch)
German Programme (in English)
Magyarországi Programok

“Our Spiritual School works with the Energy of Love and Wisdom which is the Energy used by the Christ (Love) and the Buddha (Wisdom). The Love Wisdom Energy is Universal. The School also works along the line of the Spiritual Warrior, the Devotee and the Mystic which typifies intense individual effort.”

Imre Vallyon  Hierophant • Brush (grey)