Many people think of meditation as a way to relax in order to live a healthier and more positive life, but meditation has always been part of Esoteric and Spiritual teachings. In our School, meditation is practised as a tool to Higher Consciousness, a way back to the Source, the Soul, and the God within. Meditation helps to balance and harmonise us, and it activates the Light and Love principles. By developing these we can contribute greatly to our lives and the world around us. We offer many different ways of meditation: Breath, Silence, Sound Formulas, Symbols, Sword Work, directly inspired by Imre’s inner experiences of the ancient ways of Yoga, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, that have been newly revealed by his superconscious insight.

Normally we breathe unconsciously. However, Breath is a great Mystery: it is a bridge between our personal self and our Higher Self. Used in a natural way it is healing and transforming. Through Breath we can become One with the Divine Life within us.

Silence is Life, the Core of our Being. When body, emotions and thoughts have come to rest, we can experience our Self, our Oneness with the All. Sitting on the bank watching the river go by may at first not be easy for the busy mind. But once the mind has come to rest, Silence is all-pervading, all-healing, and disharmony will transform into Peace.

Sound Formulas (Mantras)
Sound is a direct way to inner transformation. Sound is Universal. There are five pure vowels in almost every language on our planet. These vowels carry great powers when applied consciously and methodically. There are also certain Sound Structures in the various Sacred Languages, i.e. languages, sounds and words of which connect back to Divine Attributes. They are used as such by various religions. Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian and Maori are such languages. Imre has re-energised hundreds of ancient mantras with new, positive, life-giving powers.
These Sound Structures are referred to as Mantras, Sacred Sounds or Words of Power. They are awesome realities, living energies, embodiments of cosmic archetypes that connect us to our Soul Powers and our spiritual source.
To name a few examples, there are mantras to open the Heart and the Third Eye mantras for peace, mantras for connecting to the Divine Feminine; mantras to invoke Light in ourselves and the planet; mantras for healing and strength, and mantras to express pure love, devotion and joy.
Sound comes from the One Source. Using Sound, we can experience who we really are: beings of Love, Unity, Peace, Light and All Consciousness.

Meditating on symbols is an ancient method of transforming consciousness. The technique of looking at a symbol, and visualising it, is used extensively in the Kabbalist tradition and in the Tibetan religion. When a sacred Symbol represents a Cosmic Truth, it becomes a doorway to enter that Reality. For instance, the circle and the dot symbolise the All and the One, the Female and Male. Thus this symbol appears in many writings over the ages. Meditating upon it will bring us to that state of Consciousness.
Tarot Key symbology is another example of transformative symbols for meditation and they were originally created for the purpose of developing Higher Consciousness. All the 22 Keys of the Greater Arcana depict Cosmic Forces and Principles for Spiritual Development.
Apart from developing new Tarot Keys from Key 23 through to Key 54, complete with explanations, meditations and Kabbalistic techniques, many other new Mandalas and Yantras have also been developed by Imre Vallyon, all aligned to Truth and Light. The Subconscious mind recognises this Truth, and will work to take us back to its Source.


“In Solitude you listen to the Voice of the Soul, the Soundless Sound.”

Imre Vallyon   Hierophant • Brush (grey)