Open Chanting Evenings:
The FHL embraces three major Spiritual Pathways as have been practised by many religious and Esoteric groups over the ages: The Way of Knowledge, The Way of Devotion and The Way of Service. Chanting with Sacred Languages aligns to the Way of Devotion. The primary chanting languages used within the FHL group are Sanskrit (a language of Light) and Hebrew (a language of Fire) but also used are the languages of Arabic, Greek, Latin and Hungarian. Each Chanting Evening focuses on one energy stream using a specific Sacred Language. A short meditation concludes each Chanting evening.
Dates: Please contact
Time: 7:30pm.
Venue: Hamilton Theosophical Society Lodge, 73 Anglesea Street, Hamilton.
Admission: Free

Open Exoteric Meditation Classes:
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Member-only Esoteric Meditation Classes:
Time/Day: 7:30pm, Wednesdays.

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