Over a period of more than 30 years Imre Vallyon has given countless lectures on Tarot and Kabbalah. This material is so vast that it would take years for the earnest student to listen to all of that encyclopaedical material.

It is felt that there was a need for the beginner student to access the profound wisdom concealed in the Tarot Keys, without having to go through the vast wisdom that was recorded in those lectures. Thus this Introductory Correspondence Course is offered to the seeker. We have to emphasise the word ‘introductory’, for such it is. A complete Course on Tarot would run into several thousands of pages.

In this Course we look at the 22 Major Arcana on an introductory level. Even the ‘full’ understanding of these 22 Tarot Keys, and the practices that go with them, would run into thousands of pages. There are also 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Keys, 11 Tree of Life Tarot Keys (the Sephiroth), and the Hidden or Invisible Path Tarot Keys; thus 108 Tarot Keys all together.

This constitutes the sum total of all Knowledge available to Mankind, on a spiritual level, upon our planet Earth. It is a guarantee of the final Triumph of Man over Nature and the Universe we live in, and gives the final solution to the riddle of existence, and the assurance of coming Immortality. It is the intent that the Introductory Tarot Meditation Correspondence Course will inspire the student to further pursue the profound Wisdom of Tarot and Kabbalah.

The most amazing discovery in the history of mankind is how to recover the Divine Potential that we all have, but have lost touch with. Many systems for spiritual and psychic development have been developed in the East and the West. The Tarot system is particularly well-suited to the Western mind because it is a product of the Western Mystical Tradition.

Sound and colour are the basis of all systems of spiritual development. This is why all systems use singing or chanting (sound) and symbols or mandalas (colour). Colour and symbol are the language of the Subconscious Mind. The Tarot Keys are very powerful symbols. They are the symbolic language of numbers, understood by the Inner Mind. They are also pictorial representations of the Hebrew alphabet. Each Tarot Key is an ideal image of a state of consciousness, eg: Key 1 “The Magus of Power” represents the conscious mind; Key 2 “The Priestess of the Silver Star” represents the Subconscious Mind. The magic of the Tarot Meditation process involves the response of the Subconscious Mind to the images. Once an impression is made (using the conscious mind) the subconscious mind works automatically to align itself with the image. Hence it becomes possible to manifest all the qualities represented by the Tarot Keys.

There are two kinds of psychic development: natural or lower psychism, and higher psychism or spiritual development. Many people are born with natural psychic awareness, the ability to sense the astral world. This can give a knowing about future events, the ability to hear or talk to spirits, etc. The higher psychism is entirely different: it deals with breaking through to Higher Realities, the level of the Soul and beyond, re-discovering the Divine Potential within. This introductory course will teach you how to use the Tarot Keys as a system of higher psychic or Spiritual development.

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